We will always be transparent when it comes to our fees and, depending upon the circumstances of your case, we can offer several funding options to ensure that you have affordable access to legal advice. We aim to provide simple and transparent costs information and we will only recommend an option that we believe is in your best interests.



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  • If we act on a privately funded basis our normal hourly rates will apply.
  • We ensure that our hourly rates are competitive.
  • At the outset of each case we will provide you with the hourly rates for the file hander(s) dealing with your case. These will be set based upon the seniority of the member of the team dealing with your dispute and the matter being dealt with.
  • We will bill your case on a monthly basis and provide a breakdown of time spent and the applicable charge out rates.
  • We will provide you with regular updates and cost estimates.
  • In some cases we will deal with matters on a fixed fee basis.
  • We can offer fixed fee services for a range of cases including: drafting commercial agreements; purchasing/ selling your business; small claims matters; and tenancy disputes.
  • We believe that everyone should have access to justice.
  • We can work with you to obtain funding through one of several litigation funders.
  • The litigation funder will need to accept the case and, if successful, will expect a return on their investment.
  • If accepted however, and providing you are happy with the cost of funding, the funder will fund part (or in some cases all) of your legal costs.
  • We are happy to share the risk with our clients to ensure that they receive the best chances of success.
  • In appropriate cases we are willing to share the risk, and in some cases will offer no win no fee-based arrangements with our clients.
  • If unsuccessful there is no charge for our services.
  • If successful we will deduct an agreed percentage from your compensation in respect of our fees.
  • After The Event insurance (or ATE) is an insurance policy that you can take out ‘after the event’ and provides you with protection against the financial risks of having to pay an opponent’s legal costs if you are unsuccessful in your claim.
  • ATE insurance is normally taken out before you commence formal court proceedings, but can also be taken out during court proceedings if need be.
  • At the outset of your claim we will discuss ATE insurance with you and the various options available. These include the option to insure against your opponent’s costs only or both yours (or at least part of your costs) and your opponent’s costs.
  • Before The Event insurance (or BTE) is an insurance policy which you normally already have that covers some or all of your potential cost liabilities in subsequent court proceedings.
  • BTE insurance may form part of your house insurance or your car insurance.
  • It would also normally cover both adverse costs (i.e., your opponent’s costs if you are unsuccessful) and your own legal costs.
  • It is therefore important that you check all available insurance policies at the outset of your claim.

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