Most businesses will have some form of business insurance. Part of their cover will extend to certain events, or insured perils, that impact upon the day to day running of the business (otherwise known as business interruption insurance). Business interruption insurance covers a business for loss of income during periods when they cannot trade as usual due to an unexpected event. The Covid-19 pandemic, and subsequent lockdowns, is a perfect example of this.

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Most businesses will have some form of business insurance. BIRCH LAW. For businesses and individuals. PROBLEM SOLVERS, EXCEPTIONAL ADVICE, CLIENT FOCUSED, UNRIVALLED VALUE FOR MONEY.


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Each insurance policy has different requirements and conditions. Whilst the courts have provided some guidance every policy is worded, and every business is affected, differently. Whether your policy will cover a particular loss is a matter of interpretation so it is important to obtain legal advice as soon as possible to see whether you can make a claim.

Once you have determined that your insurance covers you for business interruption you must act quickly and tell your insurer about your claim. If you don’t you may not be able to recover your losses. You must also calculate how much you think you have lost because of the interruption. Normally business interruption insurance will cover loss of gross profit or rent, additional expenses, and sometimes the cost of preparing your claim.

At Birch Law our expert solicitors can assist you with any sort of business interruption insurance claim. We offer specialist advice and legal assistance on claiming compensation for businesses that have been affected by an insured peril (such as Covid-19). In our experience when bringing a claim, businesses face a considerable amount of resistance from insurance companies. Insurers often wrongly refuse cover leading to further upset and frustration. This can have a serious impact upon the business. We can assist with your case and get you back the compensation you deserve.

On the 15 January 2021 the UK Supreme Court handed down its judgment on the Financial Conduct Authority’s Business Interruption test case against several insurance companies. The Supreme Court clarified some of the issues about making business interruption insurance claims in respect of losses caused by the coronavirus pandemic. In general businesses with any of the following non damage extensions contained within their business interruption policy may be entitled to make a claim:

  • Disease clauses which don’t contain an exhaustive list of diseases. Generally, these policies cover losses caused by either a notifiable or infectious disease (without the policy limiting the definition of either) within a certain radius of a business premises.
  • Denial of access clauses or hybrid clauses which cover losses resulting from the denial of access to business premises due to government actions, advice, or restrictions because of a notifiable infectious disease, emergency or incident within a certain radius of a business premises.

Each insurance policy is different and insurers will assess coverage on a case by case basis. We can check your policy wording, identify the type of cover you have, and advise what this means for your business.

At Birch Law we offer a no win no fee service for businesses wishing to bring a claim against their insurers for business interruption. Our expert solicitors have experience in successfully challenging insurers and recovering compensation for clients.

We will review your policy and advise whether you have a claim. We will then liaise with your insurer and compel them to pay out in cases where you have sufficient cover. Even if you have been refused cover before we can in some cases challenge your insurers. Our team have acted for businesses across all industry sectors including sole traders, SMEs, national and international companies. If you believe that you have a claim for business interruption you should contact us today on 0161 669 4621 or by email at for a free no obligation chat.

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